Galaxy s3 email widget not updating

29-Sep-2019 21:50

But, the most frustrating scenario is when you try to launch it and it just won’t or an error message appear on screen. The first thing that you can do it is to boot your device in Safe mode, it could be a third party causing the issue.Some of our readers experienced this issue and I will tackle it in this post. Just follow the steps below on how to do it:=The Safe mode will disable all third-party apps in your device, and run the only the pre-installed but, then you can observe your device if the error message still appears and we recommend to clear the cache and data of the weather app as well while in this mode.Note 3: the use of non-Samsung phones with older Gear watches (pre-S2) isn't a supported configuration.There's just no good way to install our smartwatch apps for this kind of setup, and it's too small of a corner case for us to devote resources to it. Once the app is installed, either launch the interactive app from your Apps list on-device, or select the watch face by long-press.

Make sure you install the one that mentions your model (S2, S3, etc.) in the title.

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