Gods predating jesus

20-May-2020 01:43

He is pictured in Indian art as hanging on a cross with arms extended. Thomas Inman, a celebrated authority on pagan and Christian symbolism, states that: “Christna, whose history so closely resembles our Lord’s, was also like him in his being crucified.”) Krishna was pierced by an arrow while hanging on the cross.

(Jesus was pierced by a spear during his crucifixion.) The light of the sun was blotted out at noon on the day of Krishna’s death.

According to academia, there are at least 32 stories of other virgin births in ancient cultures of bygone eras.

The legends of the surrounding pagan cultures were so influential in the first century that the Early Church was forced to imitate and incorporate them to have their ‘new’ Christian religion accepted. Any time we can stretch our minds about what we think is the ‘truth’, we expand our allowing and our beliefs in possibilities.

A lot of us like to think that the Bible is the original, absolute, inviolate word of God.

But that comes into question when we realize that many of the biblical stories occur in other, older religions.

Later, especially after the failure of the Hasmonean Kingdom (37 BC) and the Jewish–Roman wars (AD 66–135), the figure of the Jewish messiah was one who would deliver the Jews from oppression and usher in an Olam Haba ("world to come") or Messianic Age.

However the term "false messiah" was largely absent from rabbinic literature.

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(This is almost identical with the story of the slaughter of the innocents, ordered by Herod.) Nanda was warned by a heavenly voice to flee with the infant Krishna across the Jumna River, to Gakul, to escape King Kansa.) Krishna was born while his foster-father Nanda was in the city to pay his tax to the king.