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22-May-2020 01:55

It is absolutely and completely natural to feel these things.

One approach that can help lighten this emotional load is to imagine what your partner would wish for you.

This is a new phase in your life so embrace changes and don't compare any new partners to old ones, create something new rather than trying to recreate the past.

Honour the previous relationship and allow it to be a natural part of the continuum of the new one. The amazing clairvoyants at The Circle can help you connect with your loved ones, to help you see a way forward to create you a new life and to help ease any feelings of guilt of fear that you may have in this new chapter, allow yourself to live again.

Guilt can be overriding when dating or feeling romantic love for a widow or widower.

This guilt can come from having fun whilst the deceased partner cannot, it can feel like you are betraying a loved one's memory, for being unfaithful to promises made to one another in life.

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What is important is that you give yourself permission to go on living and to enjoy each day as it comes.

With Doug, I found truth in the saying that when you are in a good relationship, your joys are doubled and your sorrows are cut in half.

I suspect that many adults who re-engage after the loss of a spouse, whether it be through death or divorce, encounter issues when they begin dating again after decades of marriage.

Suggestions for Those Delving into Dating after Death or Divorce | How To Meet Someone | The Challenges I lost my spouse almost a year and a half ago. I assumed that my life was over, and that I would never be lucky enough to love again. However, there have been serious challenges at times.

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After Doug's death, my sorrows were doubled and there was no joy. In many respects, it has been absolutely wonderful.

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