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When he was only 11, his father gave him as a birthday present some drums.He has a great talent with drums, and he loves music.When he was 19, Harry was part of the Hogwarts Battle.Tom and Bella asked him to take care of Maddie and Carrie Fletcher (Gryffindor), Tom's sister.

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But the drummer soon retreated to his hotel room for a more cosy celebration It seems after seeing so little of each other over the past few months, Harry was eager for some alone time with his girlfriend of six years.They're call Christopher Steven Judd and Carrie Lindsay Judd. He's favourite subjects at school were Astronomy and Transfiguration.They named her daughter like that in honour to Carrie Hope Fletcher who saved their lifes at the Hogwarts Battle. He was always an exelent student and he was wise and kind.Maddie was studying Muggle-studies and Harry was beside her. Maddie was freaking out because she didn't understan anything about muggles (and she really didn't care), so Harry offered her, politely, his help.

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When Harry first saw Maddie the first thing that came to his mind was "Whoa! After some time, Maddie started liking Judd and they ended up together.

Speaking to the Daily Star in December Harry said, 'We moved in together at the beginning of Strictly,' he told the paper. Judd won the Christmas Special with Joanne Clifton.