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“We have been wearing black, it seems, for three solid weeks.We are getting good at this, the funerals.” Radziwill goes on to describe the suit she picked out for her husband’s wake, navy, noting that every stylistic decision was punctuated with Radziwill refers bittersweetly to the time that followed as the Lost Years.Of her upbringing, she bills her younger self as a “girl with no money but a certain aesthetic.” Her summers were spent at the Saugerties home of her grandparents Tony and Millie Di Falco; she calls the latter a “huggable mass of love” who slipped her cigarettes when no one was looking, exclusively wore muumuus, and was the town’s local smuggler of fruit, marijuana, and God knows what else.Radziwill, barely a teenager, danced in creeks, drank water from used milk jugs, and sported T-shirts and denim cut-offs: “I had my first sip of beer there, my first cigarette, my first crush, and my first broken heart.”.

And as far as “children,” she’s got a few cats and a Baby (her much-doted-on miniature goldendoodle).(, fashion may have not been top of mind, but it’s where she familiarized herself with clothes in a practical sense.Her first assignment, which saw her covering landmines in Cambodia, required a certain look. I have to wear safari clothes.’ So, I went to Banana Republic and bought safari clothes.It was a black, see-through dress with velvet cut-outs, a design that sort of covered you exactly where you needed it to. To sedate the paparazzi, she suggested Bessette-Kennedy wear the same thing every day so they’d get bored of her.

“She did that for a while, but they were relentless,” Radziwill says. She really wasn’t.”Radziwill doesn’t keep much, either.

Christiane Amanpour was always in places like that, and she always had the best pockets, so I bought one of those vests with all of the pockets.

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