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22-Nov-2019 20:00

To mention someone in your message click on their name, then type your message and send your message.

This feature will highlight your message to the mentioned person The screenshot on left show a private chat request The icon allows you to get to this page, if someone sends you a private chat request this is where it will show.

This page "auto scrolls" the messages up to show new messages at bottom.You will be able to join the room by clicking on the "Join" button.Some chat rooms may only be available to registered members.Upon accepting the request the chat will take you to a private chat room.

The icon allows you to get to this page, on this page you can view which members are in the current room.

Ignore Ignore option allows you to not see any messages sent by the person you have ignored.

Hopefully that gets the lines of communication flowing so the two of you can work toward a compromise!… continue reading »

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