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13-Oct-2019 22:26

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So, I don't know if this is just my experience or not but I'll rant anyways. When I moved here a few years ago, I was told that it is the culture to acknowledge a "How are you doing?

", a smile or small talk that a stranger may offer to you, be it in the subway, on the street, in the line, at a party, etc.

Mind you, he was new to that group and many of our friends of other nationalities observed this too and asked us why this person behaved like that I'm just wondering if I'm being extra sensitive about this issue or if other people here have observed similar behavior when abroad Edit: Thanks guys, for weighing in.

Apparently the biggest reason for my experience was the Amway fucktards. For what it's worth, I'll continue behaving the same way and not give a shit about it any more If I say hello to a random Indian dude in public, he's going to assume I'm an Amway douche.

However, I've noticed that several Indians do not acknowledge me back or just give me a blank stare.

Now, if they're doing that to everyone, I wouldn't be as pissed off but as I noticed people more, I realized that many Indians don't just acknowledge other Indians.

I don't meet many people other than at kids' events or at work, so there isn't a lot of data.

I've seen elders from India being quite weird.

God willing, they'll kick out every Western man from their countries and protect their people. If an young Indian dates anybody other than another Indian, they would have to sever all ties with their parents.

You do have a slight chance with Indian women but even there, it's a 1% chance, their partners are chosen for them right after being born and once the girl gives you her heart, there's no going back because by dating outside her race, she has violated her parents' taboo and therefore she most likely will be disowned and never be able to get married again because she's now lost her virginity.

So it's very tough for them, they can't afford to lose their family and friends over you. If you are looking for marriage, dating/courtship should not be an issue if her parents accept you.

I volunteered to help them and another person also joined (out of a hundred men).

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If more people joined, it would have cut the wait time for all people waiting to dance.If I say hello to a random Indian woman in public, she's going to assume I'm a creep.

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