Internet explorer not updating rss feeds prettywomandating com

19-Jan-2020 15:11

There are also some new and improved features, including a more capable Web GL implementation and some additional high performance Java Script features.If users install the update, Windows Update will not provide any more security fixes for their browser.Internet Explorer 11 was pushed out to Windows 7 users as an automatic update, which is good news for Web developers, as it means that more people are running a modern browser with modern features.Forcing Internet Explorer 11 users to also install this update has the same consequence: it means that everyone running Internet Explorer 11 also has the Web GL and Java Script improvements.Windows 7 users who've installed Internet Explorer 11 are required to install the KB2929437 update.This is the Internet Explorer 11 update that corresponds to the Windows 8.1 Update; it doesn't just include security fixes for Microsoft's browser.

For any other Windows browser, this wouldn't be unusual. The company has, from time to time, added features to Internet Explorer without bumping the version number, but these versions were indicated in other ways.

But when that information comes at us from multiple sources, so much of it gets lost in the chaos.