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The western countries like England fueling their ideas and motivating them to change were also traditionalist with such matters.Victorian morality and conservative codes of ethic and behavior ruled firmly and was observed by most Europeans at the time.Such practices created a masculine culture and men developed modes of false strength based on acceptance of the superiority of their gender.Females on the other hand became isolated, insecure, and forced to accept their inferior position as part of the natural order.Naser Khosro (11th century) and Ibn Batuteh (14th century) in their travelling accounts describe restrictions imposed on women and violent punishments expecting them.Naser Khosro mentions that in the city of Tabas, the local governor would execute any unrelated male and female caught talking to each other.Before then, religion and tradition governed all such relationships and there was no question of males and females openly dating or socializing with such intentions.

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Religious prohibition of most visual and performing arts including dance and music particularly in urban areas and the Shiite culture of celebrating death, martyrdom and mourning left very few avenues for external expressions of joy and few options for seeking pleasure except sexual pleasure for males.However no one questioned the traditional values of the family or the conventional courting system between men and women and there was no question of free sexual relationships between the two sexes.A few courageous women who were brave or powerful enough to adopt such a life style like Taj Saltaneh, Naser al din Shah's daughter, were immediately labeled as loose or whore by all, including their admirers and lovers.The number of prostitutes at the time was so high that the government officials attempted to regulate the trade by registering and taxing the prostitutes.

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Verbal decency restricted any open expressions of desire for women and public discussions of sexuality remained within confined religious prescriptions.The first intellectuals of this period were patriotic, reform oriented and amongst major national issues demanded emancipation, monogamy, education, equal rights and opportunities for women.