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Lively posted a plethora of photos onto Instagram of all the fun her and her husband had there, but oddly enough, in most of the photos, only Lively is present.That's because Reynolds was too busy working behind the camera to get his wife's good angles into frame whenever possible.The mission calls for him to guard a Cape Town safe house where the CIA is interrogating a veteran agent - played by the always electric Denzel Washington - who betrayed the CIA.Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa and to capture the city's true grit, filming took place primarily in South Africa.

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With the place being his natural bread and butter that he was born under, he makes countless appearances back to his home land.In it, he plays a man locked underground inside of a wooden coffin with nothing but a lighter and a cell phone.With the film's one and only location being the inside of a box, it would be easy to assume that the movie could be filmed literally anywhere in the world.At the top of that list of perks, it would have to be all about the travel.

Travel in accordance with all the places in the world where an actor may travel to go film a movie, and also all of the places in the world where an actor may travel to just to wind down and enjoy their wealth for the sake of a vacation.

Much of these rumors came about when they were spotted on a hike in Wyoming earlier that year - in 2011 - but as it turns out, it was just two friends taking in the calming Wyoming atmosphere while on vacation. Despite his star power, Reynolds takes a smaller backseat to bigger roles filled by Oscar nominated players Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, and Kevin Costner.

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