Itemupdating folder fires twice

20-Jun-2020 00:59

We have several custom lists, each of which has several event receivers associated with it (although only a couple have actually been written as of now).

This event receivers handle a mish-mash of individual events and perform various bits of functionality.

In the Item Event , I have all Item Deleting, Item Adding etc.

, and in the List Event I have Field Adding, Field Updated etc.

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I have a Details View with one Text Box example Name, before I insert or update I want to validate If the name already exists in the Data Base, so I decide to use a Custom Validator using the On Server Validate, and its working fine BUT the function that I use to validate is executing 2 times. I think the on Bubble Event caused the Custom Validator to fire twice, so I decided to use the workaroud that the other post mentioned...

Which event receivers should have their own function/class/folder/project/solution?Currently we have two solutions, each of which is simply using whatever Visual Studio default to when creating a new Event Receiver project with its own solution.

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