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08-Feb-2020 06:36

But if you’re looking for something very easy to use and to customize, Word Press may be a better choice for you.Building a natural joomla website or just need a nice looking eco friendly design with brown and green colors.For instance, we have already checked for JCE, Kunena, Hikashop and JComments (with their latest version of course), and the test was successful.------------------------------------------- Nous avons réalisé des tests sur les templates les plus récents : ils fonctionnent parfaitement avec Joomla 3.9, avec un serveur tournant sous php 7.2.Powerful Joomla page builder from Joomla Shine will help you to create an effective landing pages faster and easier than ever.

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English (UK), 3.9.11 Full Package, ZIP The latest version of Joomla!

Donc avant toute mise à jour, et le passage à php 7.2, vérifiez bien la compatibilité de ces extensions.

Nous avons d'ores et déjà vérifié pour les dernières versions de JCE, Kunena, Hikashop et JComments, et le test a été réussi.

As our prevision templates, Globaliz was also created for business websites, but it can be used for any type of online presentation.

The difference between Globaliz and our other templates is just the alignment of the body.

1.6 W3C Template, released in Spring 2011, perfect for renewing your aspirations for the rest of the year.