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Maybe it was because I never attracted much interest from the boys in high school.

I’m plain, thin, with small breast, glasses, thin hair, and legs that are a little to short.

I was presented the dog with my vulva and my thighs and legs were spread as wide as was comfortable.

I looked over my shoulder wondering what the dog would do, He was looking at me and I tried smiling at him and said, "Come on, boy. I smiled at him again and he jumped his forelegs onto my back and then wrapped them around me ribs. I felt little squirts of hot liquid hitting my thighs and vulva and got worried he was coming before getting into me.

I was wearing tennis shoes, cut off jean-shorts and a sweatshirt. I hadn't considered doing anything sexual with the dog, and I wasn't paying any attention to him, when suddenly I felt his tongue on my thigh.

I looked down and he was busy licking my inner thighs right where my leg disappeared into my shorts.

Then I felt a lump at the end that was wider than the rest and it too seemed to be getting bigger each time he pushed it.

I didn't know about the knot, but figured the lump was just part of how dogs were different. After a few minutes it felt like it was getting huge in me.

After I while I hugged him, said good-by, and headed down the beach. I figured he must belong to someone who lived near the town we were staying in, Osterville. After another mile I stopped and sat down to watch the surf and rest, and he sat down right next to me. Having his head on my leg felt kind of peaceful; so I let him leave his head on my naked thigh while I enjoyed the sound of the surf and watched the sunlight on the water.I found there was a spot in my vagina that, when he pressed by it, felt real good.I started moving my hips to help him hit that spot.My senior year I had three dates, all were boys that tried to get to home base in the first hour.

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No one asked me to the prom, but that was OK, because I couldn’t really afford a fancy dress.

I even was carrying a box of condoms with me, just in case. My dad was fishing all the time and my mom didn't like the beach much, although she liked digging for clams.

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