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Hussey, who is now married to third husband David Eisely (pictured) tells of her two previous tumultuous marriages, her crippling case of agoraphobia, neurotic panic attacks, food compulsions, pot smoking, drinking and pills in her new memoir Hussey's mother quickly put an end to the pills and specialists but 'a seed had been planted'.

With all this attention while filming Romeo and Juliet in the Roman countryside and being looked after by a chaperone, Hussey admits she was 'budding into a little diva.'The once, sweet and shy teenager was no more.

First stop, Altobelli's home on the infamous Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, just north of Beverly Hills and the very site of the Charles Manson murder spree earlier that summer.'The whole time I lived at Cielo Drive there was nothing strange or macabre about it.

I was still very young, and by the time I arrived, all traces of the crime had been erased' – but for the fact that Altobelli had allowed Christopher to live in the back house temporarily.

She became petulant, a brat, opinionated and quick to judge others as well as taking no advice.

Before filming actually began, Olivia says she felt severe cramping and sudden stabbing pains through her whole body, 'lightning bolts of pain' that had been brought on by stress or too much food.

Tall, flat-chested model Twiggy was fashionable at the time and Hussey saw herself as short and top-heavy.

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She had been warned by Jones's manager, Rudy Altobelli, that Jones might not be the right guy for her, but she read that as Altobelli flirting.

The production company decided to medicate him and it was up to Hussey to mix it in his morning oatmeal.