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It’s also a good idea to ‘advertise’ your security with stickers indicating that your place is alarmed and/or that your valuables are identification-marked.

Business / commercial security: Commercial security is important to protect your business and also to provide a safe working environment.

While living in Melbourne is generally pretty good by world standards, one of the troubles is that, if you are living the good life, it may also mean that you are not the only one who is interested in your hard-earned possessions!

Security and safety of your home and possessions is increased by installing deadlocks or dead-latches on front and back doors, fixing security doors, bolts on windows and sliding doors, padlocks on outside sheds and gates, utilising monitored alarms, timed internal light switchers, sensor lights, and locking valuables in a safe.

The front-end of the trigger has a shallow groove to receive the bindings that also go through the hole in the stock.

As the hole is placed slightly to the front of the pivot point, tightening the binding thread sufficiently makes the trigger return to rest position by itself; the bindings effectively act as a primitive return spring.

Notice the small metal clip which holds the bolt in place.

First the bow in fully cocked position: Here's the lock from the side before and after the shot: Then the same from below the stock, showing how the lever moves: Now an overview of the entire apparatus from the side: Then a couple of shots of the top of the stock from an angle: Below is a briefer, timelapse tutorial video by British amateur bowyer Mick Grewcock, showing the manufacturing of a simple all-wooden crossbow with lever and pin lock.


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This arguably makes the crossbow somewhat more compact, as the lever occupies less space than it would need if the articulation was in the middle or front half of the tiller.Commercial protection often involves creating several layers of security for people to gain access to the business premises and/or equipment or data.