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If that’s your end game, don’t let them talk to you like you’re their BFF.Don’t let them gossip about other love interests, or complain about them, either.Little things that close the gap between you will move you out of the friend zone.[Read: How to build up the sexual chemistry with a friend you like] #7 FLIRT WITH THEM. One of the only things that can differentiate someone from liking a person as a friend and liking them more than a friend is flirting.If you’re continuously flirting with someone, you will send them a clear message that you like them romantically.

They’ll never think of you as a possible boyfriend or girlfriend if they talk to you about those issues—trust me. Whatever it is, there is probably a way to get around it. I don’t mean go, slap their butt, and tell them they look nice. Subtly and nonchalantly make a point to touch them from time to time.

[Read: 18 signs you’re sitting firmly in a friend zone already] Usually, they seemed happy to be just my friend, and never tried for anything else.

It was only later that they started complaining about it. If telling them isn’t an option, because you’re scared, or nervous, or whatever lame excuse you have, show them how you feel. Tell them you like their new haircut, or that the color of their shirt makes them look really good.

BUT, I do have to put some of the blame on them, for not at least trying to get out.

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If they would have made any sort of effort in telling me how they felt, or pursuing me in any other way, I may have felt differently.Being in the friend zone is one of the hardest places to be—for a lot of reasons.

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