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Btw, I’m officially ignoring the girl, after all we’re talking about my boyfriend here right, but will include her if mentioned by the others. His partner, Chelsie Hightower, is like a fair-skinned cherub, with a round face and laughing eyes.

They may be physical opposites, but Mark and Chelsie have a strange and special bond.

It’s really nice for me to be able to be open and honest.”Is Mark Kanemura Gay? This places the probability that Mark is gay at 50%.

A lot of you Google searchers are asking whether or not my reality TV boyfriend, Mark Kanemura, is gay.

The keywords you use are: “Kanemura gay”, “Kanemura is gay”, “Kanemura boyfriend”, “stycd mark gay”, and my favorite of them all “Is Mark Kanemura gay? Well, my googler friends, let us look at the probability that Mark is gay.1.

There, my googler friends, are the five indicators that make our Mark 100% gay.

From Fox News: So far, this process has been a huge challenge mentally!!!!! I need to allow myself to be somewhat vulnerable to the choreographers, dancers, and environment in order to grow. ………He is on another planet, in another mind set!!!!! With that, let’s place Mark’s gayness at 80%!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, did you read that thing he said about his hair?

I don’t go around announcing it to the world, but I don’t hide anything… Can anyone as cute and yummy as those Brokeback cowboys be straight?

He says: “I feel like I’ve always been open about it. So the probability that Mark is gay increases to 60%.3.

So I got really uncomfortable singing, and I fell more in love with dancing.

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Your parents had no qualms with you being a boy and being interested in dance? They put me in baseball and soccer and all that stuff. I would put on shows for them when I was really young. I loved it so much, and I still consider it one of the things I'm most passionate about.Mark Kanemura Boyfriend Update: We jokingly identified Mark as our imaginary reality-TV boyfriend but, in real life, he is actually dating fellow dancer Jeremy Hudson. My two SYTYCD TV boyfriends, Gev Manoukian and Mark Kanemura, get paired with the ladies. I’m sure my good friend Deena who also likes these guys will agree. First, I lost Oliver Pigott, then Gev Manoukian, then Sebastian Pigott, then finally Mark Kanemura.

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