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For example, theories about power in relationships are useful to understand how decisions are made.However, I could not find theories that explained how children, and most importantly, ex-spouses affect the power dynamic of the family.


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It remains an adventure, which is important for personal and relationship growth. Harman’s research examines relationship behaviors that put people at-risk for physical and psychological health problems, such as how feelings and beliefs about risk (e.g., sexual risk taking) can be biased when in a relationship.They came to me with questions because I was the “expert.” But my answers were insufficient.As a consequence, I changed my line of research and stopped writing my blog.Over the last few years, I have been interviewing and researching parents in divorced and blended families to find answers. Starting tomorrow, I will resume writing my bog, this time about being a (step)parent in a blended family; the blog has been aptly renamed In order to protect the identity of the members of my family: 1) I will use nicknames for individuals (e.g., the Consultant); 2) I will not always write about events in the order in which they occurred.

In order to best illustrate the realities of blended family life, based on my experience and those of many others I know and have researched, I will take liberty to present events in a particular order to tell the story not necessarily a novel blog topic, I wrote about it from the perspective of a single mom.