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26-May-2020 21:39

does anyone know if Boson's Net Sim has an ASA device in it's list of devices?part of my responsibilities at my company is to maintain our ASA and it would cool to be able to test out configs in that simulator.For example, a mobile traveler can connect to the Corporate head quarters using his laptop computer securely using a public Wi-Fi connection. In remote access VPN, usually, a client is installed on the remote user’s computer.Please see the figure below: As seen in the figure, a remote user communicates with the sever securely over VPN tunnel. Alternatively, the remote user uses SSL enabled browser session to communicate with the corporate network (shown as Private Network in the figure) FHRP (First Hop Redundancy Protocol): Usually, when a subscriber connects to an ISP using Wi-Fi router, he will have single point of failure. if the router fails, the connection to the Internet fails.Otherwise, it is similar to other two redundancy protocols.Cert CCNA Netsim, offers a virtual networking environment, where in, one can create a network with Cisco(R) routers, switches, and other networking elements and experiment.

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HSRP, short for Hot Standby Router Protocol, is a Cisco proprietary protocol, and supported by most of the Cisco routers.

A simple HSRP configuration is shown in the figure.

In HSRP, one router acts as an Active router and the other as Standby router.

There can be more than two routers in HSRP configuration, however, only one router is put in Standby state using a selection criteria.For site-to-site VPNs, the encapsulating protocol is usually IPsec or GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation).