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04-Feb-2020 17:30

That being said, all of its updates for a while have been nothing to write home about.Simply "minor adjustments" like this latest one probably will be.NOTE: Uninstalling the incorrect WAD may lead to further damage, so users should be careful.

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Title Update 2 fixes the following: GENERAL· Fix timer and progress bar for Daily Challenges· Fix misc.

It hasn't received a major feature update since 2014.

To put the lack of popularity of the Wii U into perspective, you need only compare its sales to that of the Switch.

We're not entirely sure how this update will improve your Wii U, but reports it will likely add "improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience." It hasn't been so long since the last Wii U update as you might imagine.

The console's firmware was last improved in September 2018.Many users did exactly that, probably assuming their system froze, Wi-Fi was messed up, or something else, but apparently these users are now enjoying a very heavy paperweight: their Wii Us are bricked. Whether you’re downloading updates to your phone, updates to your PC, or updates to anything else…