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27-Jan-2020 01:41

There is also an emphasis on ways to change internal representations or maps of the world in order to increase behavioral flexibility."Modeling" in NLP is the process of adopting the behaviors, language, strategies and beliefs of another person or exemplar in order to 'build a model of what they do..know that our modeling has been successful when we can systematically get the same behavioural outcome as the person we have modeled'. The founders, Bandler and Grinder, started by analysing in detail and then searching for what made successful psychotherapists different from their peers.The Milton model has three primary aspects: Firstly, to assist in building and maintaining rapport with the client.Secondly, to overload and distract the conscious mind so that unconscious communication can be cultivated.

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NLP argues that people act and feel based on their perception of the world and how they feel about that world they subjectively experience.

Another aspect of modeling is understanding the patterns of one's own behaviors in order to 'model' the more successful parts of oneself.