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15-Feb-2020 23:26

The same manuscript also shows two men pulling their beards, a motif that may indicate self-control, an important element in attaining salvation. And the story continues Preliminary investigations by the Urnes researchers show that the motifs inside the church constitute a collective composition, in which one theme portrays Christian representations of the struggle between good and evil.

“Inside the church, continentally oriented and highly educated craftsmen carved a series of nearly fifty decorated capitals, with lions in acrobatic poses, dragons, hunting scenes, men pulling their beards and men fighting with lions,” says Syrstad Andås.

For the past 31 years, women have been able to serve as volunteer conscripts, professional soldiers, and officers and in every specialty including the infantry and submarine units.

In 1995, the Norwegian navy appointed the world’s first female submarine commander, and its general Kristin Lund is the United Nations’ first female peace-keeping commander.

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“We don’t have a quota or set number for the number of female conscripts we want, but we believe that there are many motivated and well-suited girls out there that the Armed Forces need.” There are.Indeed, Norway’s 2016 conscript class is the closest the developed world has ever come to gender-neutral armed forces.

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