Omg did you hear im dating a jonas brother

13-Feb-2020 01:58

Miley: *Gasps*Nurse: *Wraps the baby up in a blanket and hand her to Miley*Miley: *Cries in happiness*Nick: *Kisses Mileys forehead* Well done Miles *Kisses the babys forehead*Miley: What shall we call her Demi: DEMI JUNIOR! Nick: *Rolls his eyes* Lets call her--Miley: Katie Hope Jonas!

Miley: *Pushes as hard as she can*Demi: I see the head!! Nick: *Holds Mileys hand* Go on Miles Miley: *Pushes with full force*Demi: *Gasps when she sees the baby*Nick: *Tears up at the sight of his child*Nurse: Congratulations, you have a baby girl!

1 YEAR LATERNick : *Doing homework* Joe : *Walks in* Whoa!

*WITH SELENASelena : *Staring at the phone* Come on!

Miley: *Giggles and blushes*Nick: Wanna come back to mine?

Miley: *Hits his arm playfully* Shut up AFTER THE MOVIENick: FINALLY! Ive seen this movie so many times it was boring this time! Miley: *Sighs and looks at her watch* Its 10pm, I should get going Nick: Well call you can sleep here tonight?

Kevin and Joe, keep being your selves and youll rock forever! You are the most coolest, laidback boy I have EVER met!

*Kisses him*Joe: *Smiles into the kiss*2 HOURS LATERMiley: Bye guys! Miley: *Leaves with Nick* Nick: *Puts his arm around Miley* What a night! *Gets into Nicks car* Nick: *Gets in also and puts his hand on Mileys leg*Miley: NICK! Miley: Sure *Kisses him*Nick: God, I missed those Miley: Me too Nick: *Smiles big and drives to his house*Miley: *Walks in behind Nick and follows him to his room*Nick: *Sits on his bed next to Miley* So what shall we do?

omg did you hear im dating a jonas brother-83

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Emily: Well we better go *Takes his hand and they leave*WITH SELENA AND TAYLORTaylor: That was awesome! Listen Taylor, this was one of the best dates ever! Nick: Oh yeah, that means we cant *Pulls a sad face*Miley: Sorry! *Gets up and brushes her teeth*Nick: *Comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist* You know, I dont really care Miley: I know, youve told me 1000 times! Miley: *Puts her toothbrush back and lays on Nicks bed* Nick: *Lays next to her*Joe: *Walks in* Hey Nick, do you have any batteries? Joe: My torch Nick: Why do you need a torch, its the middle of summer in LA!

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