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01-Apr-2020 15:59

So although a couple can have different viewpoints, for longevity in a relationship, one should be able to respect your partner’s values and beliefs and they shouldn’t contradict your own.

Interests are not that interesting Much emphasis has been placed on partners having shared interests and hobbies. Spending time apart in a relationship is healthy, and having your own separate interests is good for individuals in a relationship.

How your partner interacts with your friends and family speaks volumes.

Your friends and family also tend to know you the best and, equally, how they respond to your partner is a good indication for you to consider in how they fit into the broader picture of your life.

Fighting is an inevitable reality in any relationship and learning to fight fairly, communicate honestly and overcome challenges together is an essential factor in a successful and happy relationship.For example, if you don’t want children, but your partner wants three, or they believe in marriage and you don’t, these can be serious stumbling blocks to building a compatible future together.