Online dating site htm

31-Dec-2019 09:05

That California regulates dating service contracts specifically came as news to me, as well as I’m guessing to others.

The legal regulation isn’t as niche-crushing as the auctionhouse laws would have been to e Bay, and perhaps online daters’ fears and susceptibilities are not that different online and off. (Forbes Cross-Post) Online Dating App Grindr Isn’t Liable For Underage ‘Threesome’ (Forbes Cross-Post) Online Dating Websites Aren’t Required To Warn That Some Members May Be Murderers (Forbes Cross-Post) Lovelorn Plaintiffs Strike Out Against – Robinson v.

“Cooling off” laws are well-known in the dating industry and pretty well-known outside of it, so I expect (or, at least, hope) Grindr had some clue.