Opposite of sedating

06-Jun-2020 04:19

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The process of sedation has two primary intentions.First, sedation is recommended to allow patients the ability to tolerate unpleasant diagnostic or surgical procedures and to relieve anxiety and discomfort.Patient positioning is important to prevent blood pressure changes or nerve damage associated with abnormal position.Patients are also monitored for pulse rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.A history is usually taken to assess risk and choice of medication.The patient typically signs consent forms and the possible side effects are explained.

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It is important to determine if there were any untoward side effects associated with a previous medication.

Patients receiving conscious sedation are capable of rational responses, and they are able to maintain their airway for ventilation.

The hallmark of conscious sedation is that it does not alter respiratory, cardiac, or reflex functions (nerve reflexes from the brain) to the level that requires external support for these vital functions.

Benzodiazepines (common sedative medication) have a cumulative effect.

This means that if the patient has not had time to metabolize the previous dose and ingests more, then the sedative effect may increase.

Recovery room monitoring primarily focuses on heart stability, respiratory adequacy and return to previous brain functioning.

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