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And there’s a process for that, and that's what I write about in the book. As you begin to work on yourself, you will compound your interests, you will compound your values. I enjoy that more than anything else, when we get a chance to relax and just talk. I’m a fan of food—everything but beets, and she’s a great cook, so it works.

It's all about preparing yourself, because—Oprah says it all the time—success is when preparation meets opportunity. And when you realize that the value you give make a great President.

By the end of that two and a half hours, I could have gotten them to sing ‘Kumbaya’ for real if I wanted to.” She cracks up. Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview. OK.’ ”WATCH: Oprah Winfrey Can't Remember the Last Time Someone Didn't Recognize Her Last September, Winfrey shut down a tabloid report that claimed that she was planning to marry Graham.

Photographed by #Annie Leibovitz, styled by @phyllis_posnick, produced by @suzannarees, Vogue, September 2017. "Six people who know me well have called today congratulating me or surprised they weren't invited to my wedding," she tweeted. "When speaking with TV showrunner Shonda Rhimes on a episode that aired in 2015, Winfrey revealed when she first realized she didn't want to get married.

After playing basketball in college and professionally overseas (he is 6'6", after all!

) the Whitesboro, New Jersey native got his Master's degree before working with and traveling the world with Robert Brown, who was the special assistant to President Nixon.

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I felt like I was a second class citizen because of my race. And I travel a lot for work, so when I'm in the airport on a typical day, I'll pick up magazines that are relevant to my business and what I love and I care about. " So whether I'm working or traveling or I have a day off, I'm always reading, because I like to stay informed. And sometimes, you have to go to the pit to get it.Individuals should not be defined by their circumstances, but only by their possibilities. It’s a beautiful thing to see, because she has purpose: Taking care of people, and the news. But for me, I’m really trying to get back to my workouts.