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There, Hernando became classmates with the screenwriter Clodualdo “Doy” del Mundo, who would introduce him to Mike de Leon, scion of the family behind LVN Pictures, himself a filmmaker.In 1970, FIP head Ben Pinga would recommend Hernando as assistant director (AD) to Ishmael Bernal who was then making his full-length debut feature entitled .For years, Hernando has been clicking from the sidelines to catch moments behind the scenes that tell their own stories.There is the one with Vilma Santos, before she goes into character as , casually holding a cigarette in front of Tony Santos Jr.Hernando would get to work with De Leon on his next assignment: he was asked to take some photos of , one of the director’s first full-length features.It would be the beginning of a longtime friendship and collaboration.

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Because the newbie did not own a camera back then, he borrowed one from an uncle.

Over the years, Hernando had amassed a treasure trove of images, that, when pieced together, offer rarely seen perspectives of Filipino moviemaking, as well as a history of Filipino cinema.

He worked exclusively with the greats, which added even more importance to the pictures he took.

Hernando was also an ardent supporter of the Society of Film Archivists (SOFIA) and audiovisual archiving in the Philippines.

He dedicated himself to promoting and preserving film history and culture through his significant collection of movie memorabilia (stills, publicity photos, posters, props, etc.), both local and foreign.

Hernando’s fascinations for the illusory world of telling stories began as a child.

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