Panasonic epg not updating

13-Oct-2019 11:49

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Bit of a PITA to set up but it seems to d o the job.

As for the Snny Z series, its a manual process everytime!

Freeview promises a homogenous EPG experience for everyone with a FV box, but as we know, FV phase 1 doesn't even require the MHEG5 capability in order to receive the non-existant FV EPG yet, so goodness knows what the story will be when they finally get their act together to implement this "be all and end all" magic EPG.

Remember, FV is at the expense of many useful features we take for granted (and presumably purchased the Wiz for) including time skipping, transferring of files to a server or PC for later playback( ) etc .

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t compensate for this whereas my now much superseded TV compensates perfectly every time. m not complaining about the missed data but I am complaining about the way the BW adds incorrect data making a mess of it, causing the EPG to become unreliable. t sent through just leave it blank like the TV does, don?Hi, The comments of Dennis are his and not at all shared by me.Apart from the TV stations not populating the EPG or putting the wrong information in the EPG I find the Beyonwiz FTA EPG to normally be quite good.I would hate to see the software boffins working on this request ahead of other more important improvements that are needed to address fundamental faults.

DP-P1 & DP-P2 x 2, 01.05/07.350 Samsung PS64E8000, Pioneer 508XDA, Ice TV, Yamaha RX-V3800a, Toppy TRF-2400, Foxtel IQ3, Harmony 1100i, Digitech HDMI switch, Beyonwiz DP-H1 , FW , 320GB Maxtor USB HDD, 42" Panasonic G10A, Yamaha RX-V795a, Foxtel IQ2, Harmony 785, WDTV Live x 3I'll stick up for Beyonwiz here.Some TVs do this by actually sucking down quite a bit of power in standby mode, effectively leaving the tuners and various parts of the TV powered up in standby.