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30-Jan-2020 07:32

"The more sophisticated ones behave more like rootkits in that they hide themselves from view," says Soltani.

"I used to work for a company that when you gave notice, HR would tell IT to monitor you to make sure no intellectual property was stolen," says Robinson. He was okay with employees goofing off, but not with their badmouthing the company. My favorite is when you post something and then take it down and don't think we archive it all." I reached out to the company at the time to see how they were doing their monitoring, but never heard back.

"The day I gave notice, a Windows update popped up. I typed on the screen, 'I see you watching me watching you watching me.'" "If your boss is actually opening up your email and reading it, you might be able to embed tracking beacons into mail messages and then monitor when they're opened," says Soltani. Tate may have had a company policy of monitoring employees' social network activity, or it may have been capturing their Facebook sessions on their work computers (or maybe it was just a bluff).

You can use a program like or Read Notify -- the program a crazy fan used to check to see if Jay-Z was reading the emails he sent to him. Either way, Tate is far from the only employer to be snooping on employees' digital activity.

First off, you should check your employee handbook or computer usage agreement.

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