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24-Oct-2019 15:43

Remove the chime bar by unscrewing the fixings that are mormally on the outside of the case underneath although some are fixed internally. You have limited options without disassembling the clock completely and taking the plates apart.

My point is that it needs come out even if you can get the movement out without doing so because its fragile and gets easily caught by the snaggy and nature of clock movements generally. Ill come to how you can avoid this but generally speaking you need to get the plates apart for the following reasons.

Now put a cloth or cardboard template over the face to avoid scratching it if you slip while removing the pin.

You can make one by cutting slit to the centre of an A4 card or paper and then slide it onto the face with the spiggot sticking through the slit. The hands will be friction fit so youcan just pull them off.

Ok once the hands are off you can remove the movement.

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Essentially you are attacking your problems worst effected area in doing this partial immersion.

You should now simply be able to pull the clock movment from the rear of the clock.

If your clock has a chime bar that appears to be getting in the way do not try and wiggle it past – you will damage the chimes.

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