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06-Jan-2020 12:14

There are a number of big names based here in Brighton, however with the success of a number of vloggers that have moved to the city, the number of famous people in Brighton seems to be heavily increasing each year.

I have tried my best to list all the big names in this city, but if I have missed any off then don’t hesitate to get in contact and let me know.

At time of writing, she has almost 12 million followers on You Tube, while her advent calendars fill Boots each year to the brim.

More commonly known as Pointless Blog, Alfie has over 5 million followers on You Tube at time of writing, while he’s dating Zoella, making them the second biggest power couple in the city (we will get to the biggest in just a mo).

You’re almost spoilt for choice, from royal family members to actors and musicians.

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Another influencer who has grown to become a big player online, Zoella is a fashion and beauty vlogger, who also talks on mental issues and is a level ahead of most in the industry.

His last published work, American Porn was a critique of the American political establishment and the election of President Donald Trump: Publication date was the date of Trump's inauguration (20 January 2017).

In June 2015, he published a book-length investigative poem about the "Muslim Gandhi", Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, "Badshah Khan".

Al Pacino played the part of a Williams fan in a spoof arts documentary, Every Time I Cross the Tamar I Get into Trouble.

Williams also wrote lyrics, collaborating with Marianne Faithfull among others.

He’s based in Hove (actually), however he has had issues in the past with the landlord due to all the noises he makes while recording his videos.