Polygamist dating rules

18-Sep-2019 17:00

Children are taught to work hard, and sometimes for little or no pay, from a very young age.

Some children don’t even make it out of grade school before they are pulled and put to work. Some communities don't see the point in furthering their education since it does not add any value to their life.

For most families, there are strict rules that need to be followed, starting with the kids and goes all the way up to the elderly.

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According to runaways, some husbands couldn't even remember all of his children's names. In some polygamist communities, work beats out education by a long shot.

They become moms and housewives before their sweet sixteen - and it's awfully hard to imagine how.

So how exactly does the man in the family have so many wives when, legally, you are only allowed to have one spouse?

These families have their own set of beliefs, values, and traditions, which people on the outside don’t always seem to understand.

In these communities, a lot of the time, polygamy gets passed down from generation to generation like a family heirloom.It might sound crazy but childhood marriages do unfortunately still happen around the world.