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10-Oct-2019 10:04

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It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.

He doesn't treat it like an extra activity which needs to be performed on a daily basis just for the purpose of looking good on camera.

Recalling the day when they met for the first time, Rannvijay gushed in an interview earlier: “It was a chance meeting.

She's from London and her relatives are in India, she had come to visit her cousins. Then the next day again we happened to meet at a party, as we had some common friends.

If your intentions are good, then you can be friends with your enemies also." Rannvijay and Anusha had started dating after they met during Roadies 1 back in 2003 and their relationship ended in 2009.

If your character is bad, then there'll be problems with ex-girlfriends or for that matter even friends.

She's a very cool and friendly person so it didn't take time to adjust with the friends also.” “Yes I met his family during lohri and although I've grown up abroad, I love wearing salwar kameez.