Replication error updating replica

17-Oct-2019 06:38

Previously, starting from Mongo DB 2.6, only the binaries from the official Mongo DB RPM (Red Hat, Cent OS, Fedora Linux, and derivatives) and DEB (Debian, Ubuntu, and derivatives) packages bind to localhost by default.When bound only to the localhost, these Mongo DB 3.6 binaries can only accept connections from clients (including the shell, other members in your deployment for replica sets and sharded clusters) that are running on the same machine.I have put some files in ~hawkings/public/cool Replicate, which come from the following sequence of actions: I used Athena to create a COOL database with a few multiversion folders, and put some entries in each with tags starting COOL-TEST-001.

replication error updating replica-64

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replication error updating replica-28


If we're not careful about ordering it might happen that we try to insert a conflicting row before we get a chance to resolve the conflict by deleting the blocking row from the target. Always verify connections in both “directions.” Networking topologies and firewall configurations can prevent normal and required connectivity, which can block replication.