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09-Dec-2019 06:15

However, look for her to be a top option for US Senator Ted Cruz if he somehow upends Trump for the GOP nomination in 2016.The US Senator from New Hampshire will be up for re-election in 2016.Though she was passed over for Paul Ryan, Condi Rice remains popular with Republican voters and the general public at-large.She was easily the most well-regarded figure in the George W. Rice would have seemed an unlikely selection prior to 2012 as many within the Republican Party stepped back and re-evaluated their foreign policy thinking.[Potential: Vice-Presidential Nominee] The Governor of South Carolina should cruise to second term in 2014.

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She also appointed the popular Tim Scott to the US Senate seat vacated by Jim De Mint.

[Potential: Presidential or Vice-Presidential Nominee] Fiorina has never held political office, but the first female CEO of a Fortune 50 company proved to be a very smart and disciplined politician in her 2016 run for President.

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