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16-May-2020 11:07

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If you’re a woman – quite frankly you don’t need to shake anyone’s hands at all. If you do get in a situation to shake someone’s hand, simply hold yours out loose and unmoving.

You really don’t have to do much more than just barely grasp the other person’s hand and certainly do not give it a squeeze.

Most important of all: always shake with your right hand. I don’t care if you’re left-handed or your right hand is wet, always shake with the right hand (just dry your hand off first, : P).

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It must be said here that the vast majority of Romanians severely dislike being in cramped quarters but it’s just a fact of life that they’ve all gotten used to.Romanians have a completely different theory on the origin of sickness and therefore very few “germaphobe” products are sold here such as hand sanitizer, those multivitamin packs to prevent colds, etc. Also expect a lot fewer “individually wrapped” items, such as straws, beverage containers and utensils.Romania’s policies are a heck of a lot more “earth friendly” but if you’re hyper anxious about germs and other people touching your things, this isn’t the country for you.: P If you’re a “romantic” couple in any way, holding hands anywhere is absolutely fine.

No one will give you the slightest trouble over it.If you’re a man – First off, in many situation it’s considered a kind of flirtatious move to shake a woman’s hand so rarely, if ever, do this (unless that’s your intent).