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Somewhere I have a photo of my father and I stretchering in the completed urn back into the church.

I have never been back since to see if it is still there.

This is a new page where I have listed some of the comments people have made on the website...

I will add to it slowly over the coming weeks and also put up the relevant photographs alongside the comments... First is Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Brecknockshire, Pembrokeshire and MANSIONS, FARMHOUSES & COTTAGES...

It was probably last inhabited in the 1930s around which time the mine closed." By: Ioan Photo: LLETYSYNOD, New Row, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 24th July 2014 Comment: "Fascinating work Paul and a very important project..really beautiful locations, I recognise the New Row house and thought similar things..." By: chris webster Photo: MAESGLAS, Abergwesyn Mountain Road, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 09th July 2014 Comment: "I also used ot go pony trekking there every year for about 3 in the 1970's - about the same time as Denise! So sorry to see it is in the state." By: Sandra Luff Photo: DOLWEN, Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion 2011 Date: 14th May 2014 Comment: "Ilived with my mum and dad in Dolwen moved from stone staffordshire, i would have been 10 years old 1946-47 we had the bad snows then that year i went to school in ponterwyd with my brother from dolwen. NZ" By: Tony Hurford Photo: BEUDIAU, Lampeter, Ceredigion 2009 Date: 11th May 2014 Comment: "Hi Paul.

I too have an interest in old abandoned sites in the area you have outlined here and have also have some photographs of an old chapel not far from Tregaron.

Photo: HAFOD, Nantcwnlle, Ceredigion 2009 Date: 08th September 2014 Comment: "Sadly, the owner's son, who was restoring Hafod, only stayed around for a year or less.

:)" By: carol Photo: HAFOD (door rear of greenhouse), Pontrhydygroes, Ceredigion 2001 Date: 04th April 2012 Comment: "In 1974 my late uncle Reginal Platt (an engineer) pieced together an ancient urn that lay in a box in H church, and that had been ruined, I imagine, in the fire of 1932.

I wondered at the time if it would work - obviously not - but agree that the house is worth saving" By: David Kennedy Photo: BRONWYDD, Llangynllo, Ceredigion 1997 Date: 27th January 2014 Comment: "My great grandfather was Tom Beasley, valet to the late Sir Marteine Lloyd of Bronwydd.

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