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Sheriff Darin Mitchell Monty Egger, Jail Adminstrator Suki Glover, Administrative Assistant P. Box 860 Kermit, TX 79745 1300 South Bellaire Street Kermit, TX 79745 (432) 586-3461 Fax (432) 586-3902 Regular Hours: 8 a.m.

As Sam leaves he pats Riot, who is on the bed where Amelia lies, pretending to be asleep. Flashbacks: Later Sam remembers when he hit Riot with the Impala.

I got a couple letters, some phone calls, and then a knock at the door. And everywhere I looked, all I could see was judgment and pity and just this constant reminder of Don everywhere. and became even more of a hot mess than I already was. – Amelia Richardson, 8.06 Southern Comfort Current time: Sam is in a house in Kermit, Texas.

Next thing I know, he's off overseas and I'm all alone.

Dean answers and Sam lets him know he figured out what Dean did before hanging up angrily. She discusses with Sam how, he, reappearing again has brought back old feelings which leads to Sam and her sharing a kiss and making love.

Sam then turns around to see Amelia standing there. Later on, she asks Sam how he felt to which he replies 'that it was great but at the same time a mistake'.

Flashbacks: Sam remembers being in a park with Riot, looking for Amelia.

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Later, Riot (at this point referred to by Sam simply as "Dog") runs into Amelia's room and jumps onto the sofa next to her.

She'd let him into her motel room and poured him whiskey, then asked if he wanted to talk about it.