Sex dating in thomson illinois

24-Apr-2020 07:48

Thompson used fear to ensure the girl's complicity in his depraved enterprise. He pled guilty to these crimes without a plea deal.

For example, he threatened the girl after she refused to have anal sex with a customer. When Thompson was done with the girl, he sold her to a truck driver for 00. Thompson then gave the girl to a different truck driver who drove her back to Illinois. On October 12, 2016, the district court held a sentencing hearing.

The court then accepted the report and adopted its factual findings. The court then told Thompson that he could seek clarification at any time if anything confused him.

The court used the report to calculate Thompson's guide-lines range of 360 months to life imprisonment. Thompson was also free to confer with his counsel at any time, and the court ensured that he was satisfied with his counsel's representation.

Unbeknownst to her, however, Thompson had different plans.When men responded to the advertisements, he would arrange for them to have sex with the girl in nearby hotels.He used a sliding fee scale, charging them for 15 minutes, 0 for 30 minutes, 0 for an hour, and 0 for the day with the girl.Marcus Thompson found her on the streets of Madison, Illinois and decided to prey on her vulnerability.

He asked her if she wanted to make some money as a model and promised to help her obtain modeling work.The court found that Thompson's ap-parent cognitive difficulties did not prevent him from ob-taining a commercial driver's license, discerning right from wrong, or operating a successful (albeit sordid) business venture. Third, it was not error to find that Thompson threatened the victim with force.