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12-Mar-2020 22:54

Some of the things I've picked up, I'm sure I haven't found them all, but there's things like [unclear ], TM, Transcendental meditation, psychology hormones, brain chemistry.

Could you give us a perspective of the different angles you've taken over time and where you've got to today, in terms of which perspectives you find are most useful?

So this is a subject - a topic - that is not well covered.

I find it's really a detriment and it's really something that's holding back this kind of segment of guys who struggle and they read a lot of advice, they listen to a lot of advice, but it doesn't seem to help. Because, if you have symptoms of anxiety, of lack of self-control, of lack of motivation, of lack of willpower, of lack of concentration and focus, and mood stability; these are all things that get in the way of your dating, sex, and relationships.

Before I got into heavy duty relationships and sexuality with women, I was able to find a center, a relaxation place inside me.

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Today's guest has been looking at this subject more and more over the last twenty years, although he is very well known for pure relationship advice. I'm assuming that pretty much anyone listening to this has heard of John's work. 1 relationship best seller of all time: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which was published many years ago.I'm an extremist, but now I'm an extremist in moderation, so a little bit of everything.