Siberia dating what yhwh says about dating

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That is Iron Age or even Bronze Age, but more likely - Iron Age.I'm basing this on the fact that it was the time when such constructions are created all over the world, for example the famous Hadrian's Wall also fits into this trend.Their width is a substantial ten meters with an impressive height of up to eight meters. 'To the east of these walls is a fairly wide passage, which is limited at the mountainside by another series of walls, oriented west-east across the Katun valley,' he said.

taiga, northern coniferous-forest belt of Eurasia, bordered on the north by the treeless tundra and on the south by the steppe. Siberia is drained, from south to north, by the Ob, Yenisei, and Lena rivers (and their tributaries), which also provide the only means of longitudinal transportation.

The BAM parallels the Trans-Siberian RR but passes north rather than south of Lake Baykal.

It is 1,928 mi (3,102 km) long, with 1,987 bridges......

'Geophysics has clearly confirmed that the Souzga walls were artificially created,' he told The Siberian Times.

'It is not very easy to determine the age of such constructions, when exactly they were created, but I believe it was around the first millennium BC - the beginning of new era.

This vast belt, comprising about one third of the forest land of the world, extends south from the tundra to about lat...... These rivers empty northward into the Arctic Ocean.