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26-May-2020 00:42

Aki had a deep fascination and love for horses and was part of an equestrian club in her town.

Because she was raised in the countryside, she had a particular dialect, something that she was ashamed of and tried to hide when she got older.

The Silver Spoon Foundation believes that there is much hope in the globally connected, technologically enabled, socially aware and otherwise uninhibited mind of today’s diverse emerging professional.

It is with this hope that we set forth on an ambitious mission to meet their focused and committed efforts with a system of vanguard programming and peer suppport that more closely puts them to their goals and dreams where the startling opportunity gap may have otherwise prevented.

Aki was born into the Mikage family, a clan of farmers for more than four generations in Hokkaido.

Silver Spoon Foundation is a dynamic 501(c)(3) charitable system that empowers supporters of the young and driven to invest in an innovative career development pipeline that supplements traditional post-secondary education.

During special class sessions, she's often wearing either a red, blue, green or yellow jumpsuit, depending on her duties.

When horseback riding, she often wears an English equestrian outfit.

Our anchor and longest running program, “Successful Transitions” is our scholarship program targeted towards financially challenged college students with a minimum of 30 college credits.

The scholarship mission is to close the opportunity gap between emerging professional college students and the successful transition into their career choice by way of alleviating cost prohibitive measures associated with attending industry conferences.Since Hachiken was partly responsible for letting out the truth and disappointed the Mikage family, he promised to be Aki's active tutor until she made it into Ooezo Agricultural College.

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