Snsd dating scandal

25-Nov-2019 12:34

SM have begun to demythologise SNSD, and because of that, they are letting the relationship between SNSD as image and SNSD the K-pop group break down.By screwing up SNSD’s comeback they lost the image of success that the group depends on to stay appealing.SM have been coasting on the “SM brand” for a little too long with their biggest girl group, churning out rushed choreography, albums filled with filler tracks and underwhelming stage shows with the hopes that “Girls’ Generation” is enough of a drawcard to keep the fans coming back.Many fans are aware of this manipulation, of course, but continue to support the girls out of love for the group.They’ve acted as free distribution for K-pop around the world and have played a huge role in making SNSD what they are to the international fandom.The reason why SNSD’s last few months are a “crisis” then is not just because of a bad song or a few deluded fans, it’s something more than that.After securing their place at the top, SNSD’s image has become less about being the K-pop girls with the catchy dance moves and songs and more about being “the best girl group in Korea.” They show up to movie premieres and fan-signs, make a flawless entrance, say what people want to hear, stick around for a few hours and then leave.

We need female idols that are less obedient and less aesthetically pleasing i.e. That said, even if you didn’t like what they represented, there was something about SNSD’s success, budget and sheer numbers that made it seem like they were the ones who could really take things to the next level for girls in K-pop.Is the answer found in some golden combination of record sales, our private fantasies and some societal ideal of what girls could be?