Sophia bush dating dallas

31-Jan-2020 23:36

- Brooke Davis This One Tree Hill quote was uttered by Sophia Bush.She was playing a character on the series when she spouted it, of course, but we can now imagine her sharing a similar notion with Tony Romo.

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo seems to have a new number-one fan: One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush….”Tony and Sophia arrived at the restaurant together, just the two of them in the same car,” says a source.

“They had drinks in the lounge and awaited the rest of their party to arrive.” The pair sat next to each other the entire night while laughing and talking with their table full of pals.

“When they were leaving and chatting with friends and some staff at the bar, Tony was hugging Sophia from behind, and she put her arms around him as well,” adds the source.”Damn, Carrie Underwood and now Sophia Bush? Troy Aikman only got to throw it to Emmit Smith and Michael Irvin. Take from me, those two are a bunch of little teases.

That's right, folks, the actress and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback are rumored to be Hollywood's hottest new couple.

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According to , Bush and Romo dined together at N9NE Steakhouse following Dallas' triumph over Minnesota Sunday night.

At Westridge, she was required to participate in the theatre arts program.