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29-Jan-2020 10:01

"Then it ceases.” We can apply this in the gym with resistance training. Applying three basic tai chi principles could improve your performance.Here's how: Ready to take on this ancient martial art?

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That's because recent government guidelines recommend exercise over other strategies like calcium supplements to prevent bone fractures related to falls, which means that getting serious about tai chi could be a very smart move indeed for those of a certain age.

However, Leve reminds us that softness in tai chi does not imply a loss of structure or readiness.

A common training error in tai chi is to be too relaxed. This can be dangerous and lead to more stress on the tissues and joints rather than reducing that stress.

Certain styles of tai chi may feature fast and explosive movements at times—but most styles emphasize slow, fluid and intentional movement.

Gaining control of one’s movement and reducing tension with movement can be beneficial for any athlete or workout—even heavy lifting.

With its spiritual roots in , the practice's name can be translated to “the ultimate of ultimate”—which is probably more hardcore than you would've thought.