Teenage girls dating older guys updating records retention schedules in nyc

21-Sep-2019 00:54

I know it sucks because they're a great sexual outlet for you, and I would never want to discourage you from exploring your sexuality, but I think it's best for you to lay off the rping with men that much older than you (or anyone over 18 just to be on the safe side.)Once you're 18, go crazy, by all means.In the meantime fill the next three years with erotica.I don't mean kid like a child, but you're still young, young enough that these men should not feel comfortable talking to you in a sexual manner.

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Simply put what they're doing is illegal, whether they know about your age or not. It's especially shitty if they have no idea how old you are.

A young 15 year old girl talking to guys twice their age is weird.