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- does not appear to do anything but waste money - clean a man of all sins? Or something good may happen if you keep your grades up, it depends on you..." This refers to being able to get Remi or Mikae. If you get high enough marks to date Remi, Mikae'll dump you (only way around it is if you set Remi's date on the 27th and forget your promise). "Do not pursue one matter but concern yourself with many matters, you will have more chance meeting women if you do so." This refers to Miyuki and Chiemi, who you run into only if you pursue their hobbies. I haven't worked those out yet, though, so try to keep your stats as high as possible. try to avoid doing something two or three times in a row as it may cause events to not occur. August 1 - Akane cameo (if out shopping or backstreets?"You will have trouble with water..." This refers to Arisa and the swimming competition. "Also, if you make a promise with a girl never break it, you may never be able to make up for it." This refers to all girls in general. (could it be Miss Yumi)" This refers to Yumi after Mikisaki leaves school. I haven't figured it out yet, but it means that the even can either happen a) from the date to that date, or b) specifically on that date. most things 'at school' will be part of the daytime n.b. Also, events may not occur if some other unrelated event hasn't yet occured. July 16 * run into Remi during daytime (~5pm) July 17 * glimpse of Anze before school * Mikae and Mayumi arguing during school (up to July 19) * talk with Mayumi about Yumi and rumours (up to July 19) - date/meal with Mayumi if out for PLEASURE during evening (up to July 31) July 21 * talk with Remi after school, choice to walk home together (up to July 23) July 25 - run into Chiemi during daytime in central park (up to August 15) July 26 * dad sneaks into the flat, talks about Mikae (that 'I'm gonna marry Mikae! You need this for Ryouko's plot) (up to August 3) - 'kitten' (Anze) shows up if you do SHOPPING during the evening and if you have the wings of an angel (up August 5) - pick up an envelope (from God of Luck) at train station (shopping? ), meet with Arisa (up to August 8) - run in with Chiemi in central park if you do SPORTS during the daytime (up to August 15) - run in with Yumi at night at the train station (PLEASURE at night) (up to August 29) August 3 - run in with Mikae in front of flat during daytime if you chose PLEASURE any time of day, sets up a date (up to August 14) August 9 - Kazuhiko gives you back the money you lent him if you're seeing Arisa.

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Mikae Morikawa * one of the more straight-forward characters, extremely easy to get.Being complex, the information in this guide may not be 100% correct. Choose the LEFT road for the shortcut (doesn't matter, really). * Mikae Morikawa and Remi Himekawa are opposites (ie: you could only get one but not the other in one run... She'll ask you if she was a bother, say 'of course not'. * August 21: Kazuhiko comes back for his game he lent you.Please send comments and corrections to the above address. then again, there's Vendetta's walkthrough, which is really well prepared so you can get both... * August 17 to August 23: run in with Miyuki at central park (if doing ART) during daytime or evening and set up date * August 24: date with Miyuki during daytime (DON'T FORGET) * August 25: Miyuki'll set another date for the daytime of the 31st * August 31: second appointment with Miyuki during daytime (lay) (DON'T FORGET) * choose her in the end. (I had to study during daytime first to get this to work for some reason) * August 9: Kazuhiko gives you back the money you lent him if you're seeing Arisa and on the right track. * August 27 to August 30: do PLEASURE during the daytime. * September 30: if you went to the beach on August 20th, Kazuhiko'll come over and profess his love. Yumi Matsumiya * * probably the toughest character in the game to get. * IMPORTANT: if your grades are too high, Remi'll also ask you for a date.

Go after Mikae (this might have an impact, I'm not sure). * September 22: after the exam, Mikae'll set a date during the evening of the 28th.If you want a walkthrough, see Vendetta's True Love Walkthrough for a step-by-step, day-by-day procedure to get nine of the ten girls in one run (available on my website, since I don't have permission from him directly to submit it). You'll need a 160 in Scholarship and study the day before the exam to make no.1. * September 22: Remi'll ask you for a date if you got no.1. Choose 27th unless you want trouble with Mikae (not a factor if you shun Mikae, though).