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The person holding the container when the timer goes off is awarded the container.

This provides the players incentive to ask as many questions as possible.

Take the bag and look around, pass it to the one with eyes of brown. Another year older, another pass in time pass to the birthday next in line.

This is a fun icebreaker game that helps create a fun, personal connection among guests.

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In the Tupperware scavenger hunt, hosts provide guests split up into teams with a list of clues leading them to containers hidden throughout the venue.

The party forms two teams and one leader is chosen for each team.

The leader runs across the room with a nickel between his knees and attempts to drop the nickel into the open bowl.

Attach safety pins to each card and have them set out on a table for when guests arrive at the party.

Each guest is asked to choose one when they arrive and wear it.

The host nods or point at a guest to acknowledge he can ask his question.