Updating bios using asus

07-Apr-2020 08:08

I also don't fully understand why N550JV BIOS boots on my G550JX, but with broken GPU.The only possible explanation are, the BIOS chip also contains the v BIOS for the NVIDIA GTX 950m, but N550JV uses GT 750m, thus making conflict. I'd argue that this method is more trustworthy than relying on ASUS's own update method. If it has been detected via Windows, it must be the cotrect version as vendor will have added it to the Windows database.Other OEMs do this, like Dell, particularly with their Opti Plex corporate desktops. Quite a few devices now upgrade via this including afaik surface pros.The variable differs for each laptop, so there is no general solution.Also, flashing the modded BIOS using Intel ME System Tools doesn't guarantee success flashing. Then I revived it by using CH341 programmer, and SOIC8 test clip to program the chip directly, without desoldering.I was trying to mess with Win Flash, when I realized the laptop was running N550JV BIOS, while mine actually G550JX. The same question was asked on bios-mods.com, and asked before at Server Fault, but I deleted it because I just realized I asked it on the wrong place.My conclusion from the information that you supplied is that the repair center has replaced the ROG BIOS, whose last version for the G550JX was version 204, with the ASUS BIOS for the N550JV, whose last version was version 208.

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Usually Windows gets the correct ones, but just to be safe I'd wait til Asus updates their site with the correct version. If there is an update for your specific device available it will download, restart, and install immediately.At least using the official tools (Ez Flash, Win Flash).The longer answer : Basically, I can flash using Intel ME System Tools, after disabling the write protection first using GRUB shell.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Visit Stack Exchange okay, so I actually have ASUS G550JX.I describe below how to return the correct BIOS 204, but note that this may not fix any other problem that may have caused the laptop to be bricked in the first place, and might be dangerous by itself.